Cheese Processing Equipment

Specialty Cheese Takes Specialty Equipment

From Canada to Argentina, our cheese processing equipment has been utilized by numerous cheese facilities. With years of experience, D.R. Tech can handle any aspect of cheese processing.

We design and build the equipment you need to your supplied specifications. D.R. Tech can build custom conveyors, stainless steel tanks, EZ Whey draining and matting belts (a technology we invented), hard and semi-hard pre-presses, cheese dicers, waterless cheese cookers, carousel vacuum presses, rotator line systems, form washing solutions, and automated brine systems.

Whether electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic-powered, we keep up to date with the latest systems technology when performing mechanical, electrical, and/or rigging installation services on your cheese processing equipment. Our stainless steel, plastic, and rubber construction materials fully meet all 3-A, USDA sanitary inspection requirements.